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FAQ for online payment

We are really sorry for difficulty of payment online. The followings are clues tried by other successful registrations:

** Try from another computer. Try with other browsers. Try at different time.

** Be sure to have the latest version of the browsers.

** You can also try to reset by rest the password of your sciencesconf account.

** Please make sure there is no problem with the 3D secure system.

** Maybe you should contact your bank whether your international payment is blocked.

** Use your own credit card instead of the university corporate card if possible

If it's still not working, you should try to create a new account (with a new email if possible) and make the registration again. 

The payment by bank transfer is very simple and avoid the credit card technical problems (Mention “CASE2021 registration of XXX” with XXX = Your Full Name). If you need, we can send you a proforma invoice.

Thank you for your understanding!

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