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Special Sessions

The process for submitting a paper to a special session is similar to submitting a regular paper. Please refer to type of submission: Special Session Paper

In order to specify for which Special Session you want to submit, you will be asked for a code, which you can find in the table below.


Title Code Organizers
Recent Advances in Degradation Data Analysis 4h41w Piao CHEN*, Xiujie ZHAO
Advances of Machine Learning for Smart Manufacturing 1ub2r YING LIU*, LI LI, Dazhong Wu, Kuo-Yi Lin, Yuqian Lu, Xin Guo, Junliang Wang
Advances of Digital Twin for Intelligent Manufacturing p2329 Yu Zheng*, YING LIU, Jinsong Bao, Xiaojun Liu, Xianhui Liu, Jiewu Leng, PAI ZHENG, Shaoyang Li
New Methods for Intelligent Manufacturing Operations Management i46tu Zhibin Jiang*, Jingshan Li, Liping Zhou
Data-driven Models for Healthcare Operations 2hx27 Zheng Zhang*, Na Geng
Distributed path and task planning of multiagent systems 26ffr Cristian Mahulea*, Eduardo Montjano, Dimos V. Dimarogonas
Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Failure Analysis in Manufacturing Industry xxxxx Pascal Gounet, Anis HOAYEK, Houari TOUBAKH, Ingmar Kallfass, Michael Weyrich
Analysis of Microscopy Images for Defect Detection and Structure Recognition: From the Acquisition to a Hight-Level Interpretation xxxxx Andreas Jansche, Olivier Alata, Pascal Gounet


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